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Box Quantity20
Bullet Technology Controlled Chaos
Cost per Round$1.69
Cartridge300 Blackout / 300 Whisper®
Bullet Caliber0.308
Best Used For Defense, Hunting
Gun TypeHandgun, Rifle
Bullet Weight (gr) 115
Loaded Ammo Velocity (fps)2,325
Velocity RatingSupersonic
Muzzle Energy (ft/lbs)1,380
Base Penetration (inches)18
Petal Penetration (inches)8-10
Petal Dispersion Radius (inches)4
Pedal Dispersion Diameter (inches)8
Bullet Material Copper
Cartridge Overall Length (inches) 2.11
Sectional Density0.173
Lead Free BulletYes
Lead Free AmmoNo
Bullets Manfacturing Process CNC

300 Blackout 115gr Controlled Chaos

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