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  • Simple and robust MLOK mounting system for REIN Remote Switches
  • Lowest riding profile physically possible
  • Three use case based models: please reference the guide below the product description to determine which is best for your application
  • Officially licensed with Cloud Defensive LLC : US Pat. 10,514,235
  • Mount Only: REIN Remote Switch Not Included
  • Compatible with both Gen 1 and Gen 2 REIN Switches


After months of testing, and multiple generations of designs, the line of REIN Switch MLOK Adapters (RSMA) is finally here. The low profile RSMA will be available in three primary models: Inline + ICC, Inline Slim, and Offset Slim, offering end users a broad range of effective mounting configurations for their Cloud Defensive REIN Remote Switches.

Unlike earlier iterations of the RSMA, the current models move the mounting hardware out from under the switch, and bring it down to sitting flush against the rail surface, resulting in the lowest riding orientation physically possible.

Driven Arms Co. REIN Switch MLOK Adapters (RSMA)

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