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The Rapid Response Sling (R R S) is our answer to the need for a very fast, simple, and low profile sling on the market. The R R S is made of 1" berry compliant mil-spec webbing and reinforced with bonded nylon with a center rounded metal tri-glide for easy smooth operation. To further the ease of use and simplicity the R R S features "grab and pull" overall adjustments as well as a fluid support side adjustment. The support side adjustment pull tab is made of tubular nylon stylized after the "yellow safety lanyard" present on Airborne Infantry "air items". This pull tab comes standard in a high contrast color and has a different textile feel enabling easy ID for adjustments even in low/no light conditions. The Rapid Response Sling also features a 1 point QD and clip adapter that enables the transition between 2 and 1 point sling use. The 2 - 1 point adapter is made by Impact Weapon Components and is held in place by a hook and loop tab discouraging shifting and unwanted movement as well as allowing for the removal of the adaptor all together. The Rapid Response Sling has metal hardware retained open ends that are tapered for easy routing. The 1" open ends on the R R S are compatible with every common sling attachment on the market (attachment hardware sold separately). The Rapid Response Sling is manufactured 100% in house with berry compliant materials and NATO approved mil-spec hardware and comes standard with our Sling Retainment Device (S R D).


DDS Team Notes:

We wanted to make a simple, low-profile, and quick sling that had all the features of prominent slings available on the market. The sling is primarily designed as a 2 point sling but we accounted for 1 point capabilities as it is still valuable with certain weapon systems as well as specific operations like vehicle borne and CQB. The sling is all 1" webbing allowing it to stow nice and neat on the side of weapon platforms and isn't cumbersome with additional gear like chest rigs and plate carriers. The adjustments are simple "grab and pull" allowing for fast overall adjustments for fine tuning in and out of body armor. No more un-routing and routing through slide bars and guessing at how long your sling should be, just grab the overall adjustment glide, pull to desired position, and retain in place with the hook and loop keeper. The support side adjustment works the same way and is pull towards the weapon to tighten and pull away to loosen. The R R S is very sleek and still very versatile making it a great choice for many different weapon platforms and well as many different uses and missions.

Rapid Response Sling

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