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The Essential kit includes a 3ml syringe each of Aeroshell 64 grease, Rocksett (ceramic high temp adhesive for muzzle devices), Loctite 242 (blue, medium strength), Loctite 222MS (purple/pink, low strength), 271 (red, high strength), 100 pack of swabs for mopping up drips or spreading grease, and MOPP sticker.


The Pro kit comes with everything in the essential kit, plus Loctite 620 (green, retaining compound) and Vibratite VC3. The Aeroshell and Rocksett are upgraded to 5ml tubes.


General instruction and caution:

You may notice that the Loctite comes in 5 ml syringes with 3ml of Loctite and 2ml of air. Loctite cures in the absence of air so the air in the tube is critical to keeping the Loctite from curing. For the longest lifespan we recommend keeping at least 2ml of air in the Loctite tubes at all times. The extra air in the tube also allows you to easily shake the lower viscosity Loctite like 242 and 222MS that will separate over time.

Loctite expires 1 year from your purchase date however you should watch for signs of it going bad before use. If it goes bad before 1 year, let us know and we will replace the tube for you for free.

We recommend wearing gloves and keeping swabs or rags within reach when working with any chemicals in the Armorer Chem Kit. Some of them can have negative health effects if used inappropriately so use them responsibly and consult the documentation (listed below) if you have any concerns. We recommend wearing nitrile gloves an wash your hands after using any chemical or handling dirty guns. Use all chemicals in a well ventilated area. Vibratite VC-3 is highly flammable (liquid and vapor) and should be kept away from open flames or sources of heat.


Follow this Link to be directed to Trajectory Arm's product info page:

Trajectory Arms Armorer Chem Kit

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