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The Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG), designed in conjunction with MK Machining, provides users an ergonomic and “low-drag” interface point. This reduced footprint solution weighs in at only 53 grams, *including hardware* and the storage floorplate.

Optimized for compact applications, the ULCG features a grip angle of 10.4° for greater comfort and promotion of a more natural + sustainable grip. The signature rear hump, proprietary directional textures, and forward anti-slip ledge, further ensure the end user consistent and reliable control with maximum leverage.

The ULCG is made in the USA: Additively Manufactured by MK Machining on their MJF 5200, from PA11 material. Each unit includes mounting hardware and is supported with a lifetime warranty.

Driven Arms Co. Ultralight Compact Grip (ULCG)

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