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(This bundle includes the following: VLTOR A5 buffer tube, your choice of VLTOR A5 buffer, and a Sprinco Green buffer spring.) Purchasing this bundle knocks $9.95 off the total price compared to purchasing these items separate.



This receiver extension is designed to work with the VLTOR A5 system. It is longer than a traditional M4/AR15 carbine receiver extension, and is not compatible with standard (3.25″ OAL) carbine buffers or carbine springs. An A5/rifle length spring and VLTOR A5 buffer must be used with this receiver extension.

The outside diameter of this tube is mil-spec, and it will accept all mil-spec dimensioned M4/AR-15 type collapsible stocks. Some smaller, closed-back stocks, like the VLTOR Imod, won’t fully index into position #1 on this 7-position tube, but will on the 6-position RE-10/A5SR.

VLTOR RE-A5 System Bundle

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