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To start, BCB does not sell or intend to sell suppressors, nor are we compensated in any way for the information provided below. However, suppressors are a category where it is easy for purchasers to fall into one of the two categories of buyers remorse and thus, we feel obligated to do our part to prevent that. You can read more on what those categories are on our home page under "About Us." When it comes to suppressors there are two main questions people have: What suppressor should I buy, and where should I buy it?


The first question is completely based on what features are most important and the host weapon system. Most first time purchasers of a suppressor make the mistake of wanting a "Do-it-All" suppressor. This typically isn't a great idea as many suppressors that fit this category tend to be mediocre on most of the host weapons, thus the owner is left disappointed in their expensive purchase that they waited a LONG time to use. Our advice is to focus on one host weapon system that you want the suppressor to work well on, if it is able to work on other hosts, think of it as an added bonus. Now, unto the most important part; What resources are reliable for gathering trustworthy information on all the different suppressors out there? The answer is, there is only one unbiased, accurate, comprehensive resource out there for sound performance, and that is the Silencer Sound Standard by Pew Science LLC. Pew Science characterizes sound in its entirety, not just a peak decibel number that is neither accurate nor complete in its representation of sound performance. This is a completely free resource, unless you choose to upgrade to one of the more premium options, and ranks each suppressor tested, on a scale from 0 to 100. this can be found under "Pew Science Rankings," on their website which is linked  through the Pew Science button above.


Once you have established which suppressor best fits your needs and performs best for your use case, the next question you are faced with is, where, or who should I purchase through? While the answer I am about to provide may be an opinion, having purchased suppressors using multiple different methods and dealers, I am confident in saying the best way to purchase a suppressor is through When I originally decided I was going to purchase a suppressor, I put it off for multiple YEARS because of the perceived difficulty of the forms, fingerprints, photos, wait times, etc. If you find yourself in a similar spot, purchasing through SilencerShop will leave you thinking, "That's it?" You will more than likely find yourself feeling frustrated that you put it off for so long considering how easy it is through SilencerShop. Above this post, there is a button that will take you to the home page, and a button that will direct you to information and a video walking you through the steps required to purchase a suppressor. While I could go into much more detail about all the details that make SilencerShop stick out compared to any other, I will only highlight the few features I feel are really impressive. First off, they created a Kiosk that allows you to skip the step of going to your local Sheriff's office and paying to get your fingerprints scanned. Using their app you can create a profile, locate a local gun shop that has one of their Kiosk's and do your fingerprinting right there for free. Another feature of their app is that you can take your photo on your phone and upload it to your profile right through their app. The last nice feature I will mention is they will walk you right through every step ensuring nothing is left out. The whole process not considering drive time to do the fingerprints likely takes less than 30 minutes. 


This is definitely the hardest step as it will likely take months for the ATF to approve everything, so one last consideration is whether or not the gun shop you will be sending your suppressor to has a gun range or not. It would be a good idea to give the dealer you will be transferring your suppressor to a call first to verify as we at BCB are not currently holders of an FFL/SOT, most will allow you to use your suppressor on their range if they have one while you wait for the paperwork to be approved. I hope this information is helpful if you find yourself in the market for a suppressor and if after using the above mentioned resources you still have questions, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to do our best in answering them.

Thank you,

Nick Anderson

Managing Member

Beer City Bullets LLC.


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